Ocean Rubbish: An Existential Environmental Horror

ocean rubbishWe produce tons of garbage on a regular day to day basis making it a challenge to practice waste management in an effective and timely manner. Waste can often builds and piles up without us even knowing it and it can be quite very troublesome to deal with. This is the reason why many decide to dispose their garbage in places that are not intended to be thrown away such as the ocean. Ocean garbage is a very alarming issue and a huge number of people find this to be an existential environmental horror on a global scale.

Garbage that is thrown in the ocean does not produce an instant effect to the environment. They however, create a lasting effect to the marine life. There have been countless of videos and articles that are posted over the internet showing what garbage does to the ocean. For instance, this poor turtle with a massive amount of plastic stuck up its nostril http://fb.me/1RpTQyLfO. As you can see, the turtle is in pain while the concerned citizens tried their best to remove the plastic in its nostril. Also, notice how long the plastic is which may have built up over time. The removal was a success but it was obvious that it was not a painless process. This is just one of the many incidents where the marine life was endangered due to ocean garbage. What about those who weren’t rescued and saved?

It is good to hear that the online community has been sharing in the efforts in spreading the much needed awareness and information about ocean garbage and water pollution in general. This video shows the effects of water pollution on marine life displaying how animals often mistake garbage as food such the turtle mentioned in the video above, poisoning themselves without them even knowing it. All organisms trying to thrive in the ocean as well are affected forcing them to look for a new place to stay. If this issue is ignored, we might have no marine life left to show our future generation.

Aside from videos, news and articles that talks about ocean pollution are being shared over the internet by the online community. For instance, articles such as 20 Facts on Ocean Pollution help promote the cause with regards to ocean preservation and other related movements. This is a good way to start being informed while also encouraging others to share in the activity.

For people who are not remotely close to the ocean or any bodies of water, they still have a responsibility to take proper care of their rubbish in the local neighborhood. It is good to hear that we have waste disposal centers and facility in the community that accepts waste at any convenient time. Furthermore, they often reward individuals who bring garbage to them sometimes paying a fair amount of cash giving it the extra incentive to practice waste management at all times.

Ocean garbage is a pressing issue and concern and can affect each and every one of us. Make sure to practice proper waste disposal in both land and water. Make use of the services of waste management services that are available around you as you work hand and hand with them in achieving your goal.